About Accounts Receivable Management

The life cycle of a medical claim within Physician Billers is handled as follows

Your office sends in a claim for electronic claims processing

Within the next business day, the claim will be electronically submitted through our electronic billing system.

A two-week wait period is extended to give the insurance companies ample time to process and analyze the claim.

Our accounts representatives begin to call and check the status of your claim.

Preliminary information on the status of the claim is reviewed and status updates are input in the practice management system for your review.

An Explanation of Benefits is then sent to the provider, which will be faxed or emailed into our medical billing service.

Our accounts representatives review the reimbursements given for services rendered. Assuming that the you have been paid to the negotiated amount, we will then post payments.

If there has been a reduction on reimbursement for any reason, our accounts representatives will immediately inquire the insurance company, coming to a quick resolution. This ensures that your receivables do not age long.

At Physician Billers, our error-free guarantee ensures that your claims will not be underpaid or denied. Our team of certified medical billers are experienced in electronic claims processing, and guarantee that your claims will be processed to the highest level of excellence.

Whether the insurance company is requesting physician information, patient information, or any other documentation needed, our accounts representatives' main focus is to comply with efficiency and speed so that your reimbursements for services rendered are not delayed unnecessarily.

Physician Billers' Mission, Vision and Values

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Our mission is to provide the most advanced and complete billing services which maximize practice revenue, manage denied claims and reimbursements, and maintain patient relations.

Our vision is to provide high quality billing management services, resulting in a long term business partnership with our medical practice clients.

Our values are:

  • Maintaining a long term partnership with our and clients and vendors
  • Placing integrity and honesty above all else
  • Creating value for clients and delivering quality
  • Maintaining positive environment for our employees, clients and vendors
  • Being accountable and taking responsibility for what we do
  • Treating each other fairly and with mutual respect