Medical Coding Review and Assistance

Improper medical coding is the most common reason why insurance companies will not reimburse doctors for the services they rendered. Also, the improper medical coding costs doctors more because they get reimbursed less than what they should have. Our medical coding specialists review the codes you have provided to ensure you have coded each service properly. This important step enables us to submit error-free claims to insurance companies and to get you reimbursed quicker.

The other common mistake is overlooking other codes for the same service you rendered. Our medical coding specialists have helped our medical clients learn additional and specific codes for specific services which translate into higher amounts of reimbursement. Our team of specialists are here to make sure you know how to code correctly. We check and re-check all medical coding on each and every claim form you submitted.

Physician Billers' Mission, Vision and Values

A photo of stethscope, pen and paperwork

Our mission is to provide the most advanced and complete billing services which maximize practice revenue, manage denied claims and reimbursements, and maintain patient relations.

Our vision is to provide high quality billing management services, resulting in a long term business partnership with our medical practice clients.

Our values are:

  • Maintaining a long term partnership with our and clients and vendors
  • Placing integrity and honesty above all else
  • Creating value for clients and delivering quality
  • Maintaining positive environment for our employees, clients and vendors
  • Being accountable and taking responsibility for what we do
  • Treating each other fairly and with mutual respect