About Electronic Medical Claim Submissions and Processing

Claims processing through electronic billing is the most efficient way to drastically speed up your rate of reimbursement by eliminating data entry mistakes. Physician Billers uses the most advanced practice management software that proofreads all electronic submissions prior to them being transferred to the insurance companies.

Being in the field of medicine, you are unfortunately aware of the trials and tribulations of getting reimbursed for services rendered. Electronic Medical Billing is the most cost-effective way to keep your practice running smoothly. The money you save by submitting electronically is substantial. Time is money, and your time should not be wasted filling out paper claims, dealing with postage, and then waiting months for payments.

We guarantee that your claim will be processed and submitted within one business day of being received. This enables you to receive your reimbursements in weeks instead of months. The average turn around time for electronic claims submissions is 3-4 weeks. This is a huge improvement from the inconvenient wait time of paper claims submissions. By outsourcing your claims, you are freeing up your time to concentrate on your patients. No more time has to be wasted on dealing with paper claims submissions. Electronic Billing is vastly taking over the medical billing industry, and Physician Billers has the experience necessary to handle all of your medical claims.

Our certified medical billers are the best in the business and have a vast understanding of medical billing do's and don'ts. Electronic claims submissions is most effective when experienced professional medical billers are on your team. At Physician Billers we guarantee that your claims will be processed with the highest level of efficiency and professionalism.

Choose a Partner

Unlike some companies claiming they are the best for all practices, Physician Billers considers each medical practice an unique factor in which both parties must be a good match for each other to create a successful working relationship. The relationship is a key to successful outcomes in all aspects of billing services including operational procedures, customer support and infrastructure support. There are many things to consider and we suggest making sure that the company you choose matches your practice's needs in the following ten areas.

Our Professional Affiliations & Certifications

Physician Billers, Inc. is affiliated with American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), a health information management professional association. Physician Billers employs coding specialists certified (CCS-P) by AHIMA.